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Stephen Stokes
Keys/Lead Vocals
Chance Glass
Lead Guitar
Tommy Embrich
Stephen Rebl
David Reddy
Catherine Allgrim
William Melvin
Davis Bowers


The band is clearly influenced by the 70s rock and funk era paying homage to such artists as Sly and the Family Stone, The Meters, and Steely Dan. However, they have a compelling aspect to their songs which draws both musically and lyrically from R&B and Soul. Eight Track Parade is currently playing shows throughout the Carolinas and Georgia in support of their first album, a self-titled funk-rock slip n’ slide through the soft underbelly of the groove. The album only pauses briefly for you to catch a breath with a couple of masterful rock ballads and pop songs. The shows are more of an exploration of everything the album has to offer. Funk medleys sandwiched between a blazing rock tune and a soft ballad offer fans an opportunity to not only appreciate 8TP, but all of the great artists that have influenced the band’s writing.

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